List of investment opportunities:

甘文阁@Bandar Enstek新食品厂建设投资计划

Kampong Koh@Bandar Enstek New Food Production Plant Investment Plan

如果你是餐饮服务业者或批发商, 又想用小资本(从马币500起)投资于中期低风险投资计划,请填好这投资申请表格 。合格的第一批投资者会被邀请参加交流会。名额只限100名。

截止日期:31/1/21。想了解更多详情, 请游览 

If you are in the F&B industry (retail and wholesale) and looking for small sum investment (from RM500) on medium term low risk investment plan. Please complete Investor Application Form. The total first round 100 persons qualified investors will be invited for a Q&A session. 

Closing date: 31/1/2021. For more information, please visit